V400 Scanning Acoustic Microscope

KSI SAMv-Series / v- 400E

SAM Functional principle (Scanning Acoustic Microscope)

 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH An Acoustic Microscope (Ultrasonic Microscope) is based on the same working principle as the well known medical ultrasonic examinations: A probe is moved (within a coupling fluid)across the area of interest. An image comes up showing the interior without violating the "object" under investigation.
The heart of the Acoustic Microscope is the probe (=Transducer; loudspeaker and microphone in one piece). It converts the electrical signal into the acoustic signal. The sound waves are focussed and transmitted to the sample by the coupling fluid (normally water). The ultrasonic waves interact with the sample; one part is reflected back to the transducer, the other part is transmitted.
 © KSI - Kraemer Sonic Industries GmbH The v-400 is the allrounder within the KSI product line. With the easy and intuitive to use graphical interface the v-400 is the problem solver par excellence. Brilliant image quality together with extreme high scan speed make it applicable for lab and production line. The modular configuration concept allows a excellent price performance ratio.

Key features of the v- 400

  • Extremly high scanspeed
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Plug and play conzept
  • Compact footprint
  • Unique ergonomics due to capacious viewing windows
  • Up to 625x magnification
  • Standard scan field 400mm x 400mm